Paul Yokota

Product Management - Brooklyn, NY

Hi there.

My name is Paul Yokota. I’m a Product Management and strategy leader with over a decade in tech, currently working at Tailwind on our new email marketing tool

My professional journey has been an incredible one. I have over fifteen years of professional experience in product management and have worked with a diverse range of companies, from small start-ups to large corporations. Throughout my career, I have been able to develop a wide range of skills and attributes that I bring to the table.

I have strong strategic thinking capabilities, enabling me to come up with creative solutions, set goals, and prioritize initiatives. My communication skills are strong, allowing me to effectively and accurately convey ideas, collaborate with teams, and present to stakeholders. I also have strong leadership skills that enable me to motivate and inspire teams, delegate tasks, and make decisions.

I also have a deep knowledge of products, markets, customer needs and competitors, as well as the ability to assess data, analyze trends, and make informed decisions. Additionally, I have extensive project management skills, which allow me to plan, manage and execute complex projects on time and within budget. I also possess strong problem-solving skills, allowing me to identify and address product issues, process inefficiencies and develop new solutions.

I am collaborative by nature and very open to working with various teams and understanding the importance of teamwork. I also have a high level of flexibility and am able to quickly adapt to shifts in the market and customer needs. And finally, I often bring a fresh perspective to the table in the form of creative ideas and solutions.

I also like houseplants.

I'm not the guy from Zippy's, but you may have seen/heard me in these places:

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Word of Mouth

"I managed Paul as the VP of Product at Animoto while he was a Director. I could write a novel about Paul, but I’ll try to contain myself.

Paul is the best manager I’ve ever worked with. He hired, mentored, and managed every PM on our team during his time at Animoto. He set clear career growth goals, gave timely and radically candid feedback, and all of his reports noticeably grew under his care.

Paul led some of Animoto’s most complicated and important cross-team initiatives. Along the way he communicated consistently with stakeholders, made timely judgements, and drastically reduced the risk inherent in initiatives of that size.

Paul was a key contributor to our company strategy. He was one of only five members of our Core Strategy team, bringing a unique analytical rigor to discussions, and helping the exec team to wrestle with the biggest existential questions facing the company."

- Stevie Clifton | VP of Product & Co-Founder, Animoto

"Paul is an outstanding product leader. His ability communicate is second to none--he speaks to everyone from front level engineers up to the exec team with empathy and clarity, with the right message for the right person.

He understands and cares about his users and he deploys a wide array of skills for crafting an outstanding experience, from hands on UX design to hand rolled SQL queries to usability testing.

His experience in marketing is a huge asset, especially when he's in growth hacking mode--he's not just a project manager or a UX designer, he's a full stack product leader, able to envision and direct the entire experience from acquisition/visit to signup to order to 2nd order.

Do not let his calm demeanour fool you. He's a unflappable, KPI driving, results machine. He's ok at foosball too."

- Scott Bonds | VP of Engineering, Mixbook