I'm a bay area native. I grew up in Fremont, California with my parents and one younger brother. I played one year of high school football as a defensive lineman for the Mission San Jose Warriors, but spent more time playing saxophone in the jazz band and teaching myself to play guitar.

After high school, I spent a stint in the army as a mechanic ("Wheeled Vehicle Repairer" in Army jargon) before returning to Northern California to get my bachelor's of Public Relations from San Jose State University.

In my spare time, I'm a long-suffering fan of the A's, Raiders and Sharks. I also enjoy science fiction novels, superhero movies and 90's alt rock. I'm a mostly off-again runner and a mostly on-again overindulger of coffee and super burritos.

Today I live in Brooklyn with two cute but annoying cats and Randi, my amazing wife and constant source of inspiration.